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DesWaD 1.0

DesWaD decrypts Wii Wad files.Here is the readme file.Note: I have modified the original release to include a needed DLL.CODEDesWad 1.0.Deswad 1.0 is a tool to extract and decipher each of the files are encrypted in a file WAD.Usage: Click in start button and select a WAD file to extract. The extraction starts automatically. In the textbox appear the info about the process.Remember!: Use of this program is under the responsibility of the user, so the author is not responsible for the results that occur as a result of its use.Sorry for my english!In Spanish:Deswad 1.0 es una herramienta para extraer y descifrar cada uno de los ficheros que se encuentran encriptados en un fichero WAD.Instrucciones:Pulsar en start, seleccionar el fichero WAD, la extracci

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