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Custom IOS Downgrader 1.2

+------------------------------------+| [+] Custom IOS Downgrader v1.2 || developed by Waninkoko |+------------------------------------+| |+------------------------------------+[ DISCLAIMER ]:- THIS APPLICATION COMES WITH NO WARRANTY AT ALL, NEITHER EXPRESS NOR IMPLIED. I DO NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DAMAGE IN YOUR WII CONSOLE BECAUSE OF A IMPROPER USAGE OF THIS SOFTWARE.[ DESCRIPTION ]:- This application allows you to downgrade your Wii firmware to any available version on the Nintendo servers. Also, it allows you to change the Wii console region, to match the new installed firmware region, and the Wii Shop country code.[ NOTES ]:- If you install a firmware from a different region without changing the console region, you will get a semibrick. I recommend changing the console region to match the firmware region and avoid future problems.[ REQUISITES ]:- Custom IOS37 rev 03 or higher.- Internet connection.[ HOW TO USE ]:- Run the application and select the firmware to install.[ KUDOS ]:- Team Twiizers and devkitPRO -> libogc- tona -> AnyRegion Changer- frontier -> libpng- nitrotux -> IOS5- All my betatesters.
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