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This is a tribute to the upcoming release of Chrono Trigger DS on 11/15/2008, marking the return of the best game ever made and the first time Square(-Enix) has touched the series since the year 2000. I encourage everybody who lovesChrono Trigger and the Chrono series to support the re-release on the DS and goout and buy the game, but for those of you who won't, I hope that you can enjoythe game with a great new skin commemorating the moment. ;-)This skin was created for's limited edition gold EDGE slot-1 flash card skinning contest. I originally wasn't planning on making a skin for the contest, one reason being that I don't actually own an EDGE, but the otherreason namely being that I don't have any time! However, I am very eagerly looking forward to the upcoming re-release of Chrono Trigger on the DS and hopeto create some awareness of the game by creating and submitting this skin to theskinning contest.NOTE: EDGE and CycloDS skins are mutually compatible.

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