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CosmoRaketti 1.0

QUOTECosmoRaketti is a superb 3D space shooter. You pilot your ship (with up for four friends) along a fully 3D environment. Fantastic game!CosmoRaketti v1.0A 3D space shooter by Tapio "Tassu" Pyrh?nenGuide your spaceship inside futuristic 3D tunnels and shoot everything that comes in your way.INSTALLING:Copy the CosmoRaketti folder to your apps folder and launch with Homebrew Channel.CONTROLS:Hold the Wiimote like a toy airplane.Turn the wiimote left, right, up or down to move.Hold A or B to shoot.Home button exits the game.CREDITS:Music by HtheB ( modelling by Tommi ParvinenEverything else was done by Tapio Pyrhonen(
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