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CheatMaster Fusion R21c

CheatMaster Fusion is a homebrew cheat device for the PSP console and sports the following functionality:
- Works in VSH, Games, and Pops
- Savestates: in PSP and POPS games, although it may break your PSP because it saves and loads more than just the ram, however, there's an option to shutdown your PSP after loading a state to prevent bricking, I am not sure how it works however.
- Search codes
- Support CWCheat's code database .db, .tab and .cmf cheats format.
- View/Modify memories
- Memory Manager: Dumps and upload memory
- Enable USB connection
- Text reader: Supports Unicodes and ASCII.
- Picture Viewer: Supports JPG, PNG, .DAT(Pops' manual).
- Screenshot: Saves BMP, JPG or PNG of your choice.
- Keys mapping, turbo, macro, etc.
- Dictionary: Only has English to Chinese dictionary built-in though.
- Import/Export PSX memorycards from/to .mcr format.
- Swapable O/X enter button
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