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Bauble Break

Description:If you're in need of a quick gaming break, why not take a Bauble Break?! Bauble Break is a puzzle game similar to Puzzle Bobble / Bust-A-Move. You must aim and shoot Christmas Baubles onto a playing field, trying to get groups of three or more to be connected, at which point they will break. See how many levels you can clear before your credits run out. See if you can get your name to the top of the high score list. When successful, hand off your copy of Bauble Break to a friend and let them try and beat your score. It's hours of fun for everyone Controls:Press d-pad left/right to aim your Bauble Break Shooter Thing. Also pressing d-pad UP will bring it closer to the vertical. When you have it all set up, press A to fire your Bauble. Don't take too long, however, or it will get automagically fired for you!If you want to swing your aimer around faster, hold R for SUPER DUPER BAUBLE BREAKER SPEED BOOST.Also if you need to take a break for things like food or sleep, press START to pause the game.Special Instructions:If you don't like the current level's song, the pause feature will stop the current song when activated, and then pick a new song when you un-pause.To enter in your high score, use d-pad left/right to pick your letter, and then START to move on the to the next letter in your name. UBER compression technology allows for FIVE high scores to be saved!!


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