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ARM7 Fix 1.0

I found an ARM7 FIX file that has a bat file to make life easier for people that want to patch their games with the ARM7 FIX, but are too noobish to do it manually. It requires that you put a working ROM (suggested ROMs to use are in the readme) in one folder (called "doner") and the one that needs fixed in another (called "patient"), double-click the .bat file, follow the instructions and it creates the fixed file as "fixed.nds" which you just rename and start playing.

Contents of included readme:

arm7 injection (M3 patch) - By Bad_Ad84

Original credit to CougRAWR and Go185 from Gbatemp for the method.
Special thanks to Rashef for bringing this to my attention and DarkFader for NDSTool
*******UNSURE IF COMPATIBLE WITH WINDOWS 98, PLEASE LET ME KNOW [email protected]********

1.) Simply put the donor rom in the "donor" folder (SimCity DS (J) seems to work for everything at moment) and non working rom in the "patient" folder, file name doesnt matter.
2.) Run the fix.bat file
3.) Follow instructions (press y)
4.) fixed.nds will be in the current folder, just rename and write to M3 with settings of choice

Much Love
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