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AnimalMap 1.8 Features (1.8):-Edit Gifts - edit gifts attached to letters-Edit Equipped Items - change the tool you carry, shirt, headgear or accessory (useful for nonstandard items, experimentation required)-Max out your Nook points-Menu option "Town/Change House Expansions" - change size of house (on the inside)-Menu option "Player/Fill out Music" - fill out your music list-Face Editor - can now change your player's gender (female or male - animal players are not possible)-World Editor - button to replenish fruit on trees-Advanced World Editor - button to remove buildings-Advanced World Editor - More flexible building placementThanks to Virus of Haxxor World for many of these featuresThese new features are for English gamesaves only (US or EU versions, sorry JPN users)-Minor bug fixes, improved codes, etc-Improved file format loading

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