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Allergic to Hum for EDGE 1.0

I got the itch to create a new theme, and so I did. This one turned out surprisingly good (In my opinion, anyways), and I found the weird pink highlight color to be a very happy accident. I might make an edit that offers a different color scheme for the configuration/selection windows, but I figure if you're not a huge fan of that you can edit it yourself anyways.The background itself is just a flipped and chopped version of a single wallpaper this time- I liked the contrast, and I hope you do too. The icons took a bit of work to clean them up (They had some pesky weird transparency issues), but it all works out in the end.Now, for the sources.ICONS: Compact Icons, by Smert1012BOTTOM/TOP: Pearl, by Nicholas RobertsMany thanks to the people who make such great artwork. Should work on CycloDS and EDGE.

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