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AKAIO/ Wood R4 Save Manager 1.4

This quick tool will allow you quickly backup saves, rename *.SAV to sav, rename *.nds.sav to *.sav and rename *.sav to *.nds.sav. It can backup saves to your PC or to a backup directory on your MicroSD card.

When backing up saves to your MicroSD card, backups will be placed in [MicroSD Card]\Backups. Only those files that have changed will be copied, over writing those that already exist. It will backup all saves on the MicroSD card except those which already exist in the backup directory itself.

When backing saves to your HDD, this will archive them into a zip file located in [Username]\My Documents\DS-Saves. The name of the file will be the date and time of when the backup was made. All saves will be backed up except those in the backup directory on your MicroSD card.

AKAIO 1.7 uses lowercase file extensions for it's save files, it won't see those with uppercase file extensions. AKAIO 1.5.1 and earlier used uppercase SAV if the ROM filename was 8 characters or less long and so these will need to be renamed.

Some of the OSmenu's for other carts, also use uppercase file extensions for their saves. If so, they need to be renamed in order to use them with AKAIO.

The Official Acekard software normally uses *.nds.sav for it's saves, while AKAIO normally uses *.sav for it's saves. These saves will also need to be renamed if you want to use them with AKAIO.

Wood R4 uses *.nds.sav for it's save files, where as most other R4 OSmenu's use *.sav. You will have to rename them to use them with Wood.

If you are switching from AKAIO to Wood or vice versa, you will also need to rename them.

Before renaming, it will backup all save files to 'My Documents\DS-Saves\[Date]\[Time]'.

It should be able to identify your MicroSD card. All saves in root directory of your card will be renamed, and also all those in directories beneath will be renamed. If you have your games in folders, just run SaveManager and it will rename the saves in all the folders.

This will not rename an already existing *.nds.sav to *.nds.nds.sav.
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