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Advance Map 1.92

New features:

- The "black map" bug is now completely fixed.
- You can now change the palette data of blocks in the Block editor.
- AdvanceMap is now available in Japanese and other new languages.

All adjustments:
New functions:
- Worldmap data is now changeable.
- Border block in FR/LG allows to be adjusted now. (ProHeader view)
- Create desktop shortcut
- A shortcut to the last opened ROM can be created in the AdvanceMap folder.
- See your last used ROMs in the File menu (Amount can be adjusted in the Settings.)
- When changing the map size, a check will be run to prevent overwriting.
- Added a context menu entry to open a ROM directly with AdvanceMap. (Adjustable under Settings)
- Several changes in the Block editor
--- When saving the Tileset toa file, it will automatically aborted when two identical colours are found.
--- Tilesets are compressed and saved in the ROM
--- Palettes can now be edited in the Block editor
----- Color Picker is available
--- AnzahlBlocks has been corrected
- GrossBlock extended and fixed, also available for BlockPalette
- ROM infos are available in the bottom left corner
- The feature "Automatic Offset search" is now activated by default, can be adjusted under Settings.
- Scripts can be opened with an external Script Editor.
--- Editor can be defined under Settings
- Events can be deleted one by one.
- Japanese language is available
- On double-click, Map (Warp) or Script (Signpost, People) will be opened.
- The Signpost Event has been extended, every possibilities the game offers are available.
- ROM will now be opened ina way that allows other programs to access it while it is loaded with AM.
- Map scripts can now be changed in the Header View.
- List of Behaviour data has been extended. (Thanks to Tutti)
- The readme file has been extended with hotkey descriptions
- In the professional header view text fields for map script offset and connection offset have been added

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