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3541 - Pokemon Platinum (U) (Event Pokemon) UPDATE 1!

Game completed, pokedex complete, all items, all tms, all key items, basically everything is all the way up. Trainer card everything... It is in .sav format.Boxes: 1-7, 16-18 - All hacked lvl 100 Shiny'sBox: 10 - All Legit Event Pokemon (I obtained these all through trading)Box: 11 - A few legendsBox 12: Some shiny's I caught using the Shiny cheat.Box 13: Just two random poke, and 7 Shiny F.E.A.R Ratatta's. Enough to make a team of them.Box 14: These are all from my actual platinum game card. All legit, in there own box because I obtained these by myself and trained a few.UPDATED: 6/28/09- Deleted all clones, I think you can clone them yourself so I deleted them to save room. - Added a few more events, harder to obtain ones.- Box 13 with F.E.A.R'sHope you enjoy my save, and please leave comments! Will update, when ever I obtain new pokemon events!
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