I'm still alive


Not even sure how long I was inactive. over half a year perhaps.
I'm posting this in Canada right now- I successfully moved and thankfully nothing bad had happened to me so far. Adapted kinda well to school, and now that things are pretty much settled I decided to take a look at homebrew again.
Sadly, I couldn't take my beloved Wii with me- I'm not moving with my family after all, my baggage had to be minimal. Thankfully I found a room to bring my switch, PSP and my 3DS with me, so I could probably build some stuff for that.
In the meantime I decided to take a look at C! I'm building a console-based tetris with it, it's like 20% done but when it's done I'm thinking about porting it to 3DS as well.

moved from Korea to Canada and is still alive.
Wii is not with me but still got my 3DS :yay3ds:
learning C and planning to build stuff for 3DS

I might not be consistently here but I'll try to be as much as I can, after all I don't wanna miss out much on this wonderful community.
So, Hello again, everyone! looking forward to see yall again. :D
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