I broke Metroid Dread

Damn it. 8 hours in. No watching videos or spoilers. I got stuck in the area where the crossbombs are, to I did a thing with a flash spark, or whatever it's called, and ended up getting the radar pulse and crossbombs... and now I'm stuck. The only possible path (I don't have the spin attack yet, or gravity suit). Oh... so let me backtrack. I guess I'm only in this area because I did another thing as well... a water bomb jump... and already have the freeze missiles because of it.

Anyway, there is a skinny (morph ball) path with deep water underneath it, with a ledge too high for a bomb jump to be of use, and screw attack blocks on the top and bottom of the path, that leads to a power beam door. I cannot open that door! This is the glitch. Now I have to start from scratch. DAMN IT!!!!


I think the game broke me as well, haven't played such as challenging game for such a long time.
I'm almost back to where I was. And the ONLY thing I skipped with that accidental water bomb jump, was the spin boost (double-jump). I have a backup of the save as well, and downloaded a game update, which didn't fix that save. The power beam door will still not open. At least I've cut about 5 hours from my time... I was in over 8 hours before. Now I'm at around 3. And the speed run people are able to do some things that I can't figure out, and are in my location at less than 50 minutes. Holy, crap!

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