Getting Older

Let's get to the point. I turned 26 yesterday.

It's strange. Bizarre. And whatnot. But it's nice to have a number tell how much time you've been living so that at least some people who usually never call you, get to give you a hug or simply a "Happy Birthday!" message.

Please everyone. Don't let it be like this. If you do care about someone, call them and greet them every single time you possibly can. Call them every day. Or at least every week. Having someone else care about you makes great things for depressed people. And even for non-depresed people! Hang out with them, walk to a nearby park just for the sake of it, go to the movies, sit down near a tree to take a nap with them, hug them.

Don't take only the day we are remembered to have been one more year in this life, to talk your friends, your parents, your kids. Make it as frequently as possible for you. It will make a great difference some time.

Of course, don't give gifts every single day of the year. Well, you could, but what matters is that if you care about someone; let them know you do as frequently as you feel it.

Have a great day everyone.
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As I don't know you, I can still wish that you have a good day, and as a person not usually very active this gives me cause to post.

Happy Birthday, have a great day, hopefully people who know you might be able to apply what you've said. c:
Happy Birthday man! That should definitely be noted, I always try my best to spend time with my grandparents as they are getting older and older, it's great knowing how happy it makes them!
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@TheVinAnator That's great from you! I definitely would like to have been more like that in the past with some people I can no longer be near to.

And thanks!

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