Computer Broke D:

Sending this from my phone and would just like to comment on how small this textbox is.

Anyways, on Friday, i was at home browsing the internet for some quick info on mario odyssey, when my dog jumped from my lap and knocked my computer off of the foot stool where it was stationed. He knocked it off and it landed on its left hinge. At that moment, it didnt appear broken and i didnt think it was because I opened and closed it a few times after just to be sure. Later that night, as I was getting ready to head off to bed, I closed my laptop and heard a loud crack. My hinge had busted open. Yesterday, I tried messing with it a bit and followed some tutorials on how to remove the palmrest to check damage. Then i strip the very last screw which connects the hardrive. Without removing that, i cannot take off the palm rest. Tomorrow i am going to take it into data doctors and hand it off to them. Data Doctors can't legally look at my hardrive contents without my permission, correct? I have some rather personal stuff in there.

This picture is from after tinkering with it a bit.
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Porn isn't something I would be afraid of sending in because I am 100% sure that the people working there have at least seen some kind of pornographic content.

It is more along the lines of family photos, passwords, emails, et c.

Now that I think about it they couldn't look at it without my password/permission legally.
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I think there was a story about a guy who sent his PC in and the tech found CP on it. So, I guess they could look at it and then say they didn't, but you might be better off seeing if it powers on and hopefully, you have a wireless mouse+keyboard, HDMI/VGA to a monitor, and a spare flash drive/transfer your files to your 3DS.
I might just do that. I mean, mine has nothing to do with the hardrive, so they shouldnt be allowed to do that.
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There's possibility they might look at it, but i really doubt they would use it for their own gain or any malicious purposes.
I've once had my HD backed up from a dead computer and they just used this bulky thing/machine (which clearly wasn't a computer) to extract the files directly from the HD and put it somewhere else.
Eyyyyy! Sending this from my computer. The only problem is the hinge itself. Luckily, the LCD cable goes through the other side.
Time to back up all of my passwords and the like, and then format my computer.
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This might work for the stripped screw. Take a hot glue gun and put some glue on the bottom of your screwdriver, quickly attach it to the screw, wait a second, and try twisting it out. You could also try something similar with a soldering iron, although solder is a lot harder to get off than glue and could damage the drive much more easily. You could also try using a different screwdriver bit. I've found that Triwing bits work great for stripped Phillips heads.
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@GalladeGuy appreciate the advice, but last time I tried using either of those methods (ended up using the hot glue method) I ended up removing a quarter of my gamecube case

I put it back together and will send it in tomorrow. For some reason, my L button on my keyboard has some sticky stuff in it. Idk what it is. Maybe jam or something. Now that I know how to remove it, I will clean it when I get my computer back.
I am now in the process of cloning my entire internal HDD to my external HDD. After this, I will completely format my computer, making sure that none of my data is on my computer.

Starting to feel better about sending my computer in.

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