Small recent improvements to Basiliskii, Vita-Doom, SDLPoP

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    I made a few very small improvements to the following homebrews recently

    Basiliskii Vita by MeetPatty (more keys in OSK):
    EDIT: Now also added 640x400 screenmode, new aspect ratio option "square pixels" for larger display on Vita screen for some resolutions (640x400), and improved image quality for some resolutions

    Vita-Doom by MrNetrix and aagallag (fixed aspect ratio, included filter option)

    SDLPoP by usineur (added sharp-bilinear-simple filter to eliminate pixel distortion in all screen modes)

    Pull request to all the official repos have been made.

    I am posting releases on GitHub just in case somebody wants to try out my changes in the meantime, until official new versions are released.

    These apps require files in ux0:data that are not included. You can obtain some of these files from the previous versions or somewhere else on the internet.
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