Is it at all possible to update games offline?

Discussion in 'Xbox One - Games & Content' started by Drak0rex, Dec 19, 2016.

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    I'm between jobs right now and don't have internet. I have Ark Survival Evolved, and since I've gone offline, the text entry box has broken (when I type in a console command, or try to rename a dino, item box, new character, anything, when I press enter, the box is blank, like nothing was typed).

    I have reason to believe an update will fix this. Not to mention, I just want the latest updates for it. Is there somewhere I can download updates for a game to a USB and update it that way?
  2. Bubsy Bobcat

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    Jul 8, 2015
    (Copied from Microsoft's website)
    There are some activities that you need to be online to use, such as:

    • Playing games and apps that require an Internet connection.
    • Playing games that require online sign-in, even for a single player.
    • Syncing and playing saved games on more than one console.
    • Using social features like friends, messages, and parties.
    • Browsing and buying content from the Xbox Store, Music & TV, and Groove.
    • Using Xbox SmartGlass.
    • Updating the console or apps.
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    some games , like psp games can be updated offline by downloading the update files , this requires cfw and so on , but i'm pretty sure the game you just mentioned has to be online to update
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    Noo you cant update games offline. For some reason, microsoft wont allow the use of a usb unless its for media explorer which you can download for offline. Other then that your out of luck with updates on a usb.