Call of Cthulhu embraces madness in E3 Trailer

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    I wouldn't call it the basis of all high fantasy, because Tolkin, Poe ( who was also a big influence of Lovecraft) and Mythology all played there part. He certainly is one of the earliest creators of a fantasy world/mythology from scratch, but he is only one of the arms of the many rivers of writing. A big one no doubt, but is is all bigger then one person, book or story.
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    Let's get rid of the tentacle and all the horror aspect, instead look at how each metaphysics work. Middle earth is well just a fantasy land(thngs beyond that such as patheons let alone the structure of the world is rarely explored), while lovecraftian have entire universe constructed and all beings big or small fits on a hirarchy, an mythos being a huge part of it. On that scale the great old ones are as insignificant as us. And while magic plays a very important role in Lovecraftian role, blind faith are frawned upon consistantly. And at the end of the day Loftcraft plots does not interest me as much Lord of the rings, but its lore goes otherwise.
    Think elder scrolls, which is kind of mix of the two. Yes there are your fantasy land of elves, spirits and dragons, but it also have things like Aetherius and Oblivion, Mythos (individuals blessed by gods, mantaling, strive of mortals), Convection(creation of mortal plane), Kelpas (cycles of rebirth of reality), and Tonal Architect(reality warpping as opposed energy manipulation which are common amgonst mages). Then there is Chim, which is a mortal with great understanding of the world able to bend it to their view, and Amarath, a single being (not some collective of all mortal beings) achiving godhood (far beyond the divines, who already have better feats than our own) and giving birth to a new world after giving up their own senpience.
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    is this the sinking city?