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May 11

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Target platforms are PS4, PC, Linux & XboxOne.

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May 10
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It's been quite some time since we've heard good news from Nintendo's accountants. The company has been posting operational losses for four years in a row, but this time around it seems that fortune is smiling upon our favourite company from the land of the cherry blossom.

According to their latest financial report, Nintendo has posted an operating profit of 24.8 billion yen ($208 million) for the fiscal year, a huge improvement from last year's $390 million operating loss. Although their revenue continues to decline, the company seems to be recovering from a four-year long rut.

The Time attributes these good results to Nintendo's recent high-profile releases including Super Smash Bros. 4, Pokemon ORAS and Mario Kart 8, the current Wii U best-seller. I myself would like to add that Amiibos turned out to be big money-makers for the company and they probably helped Nintendo turn over a New Leaf, pun intended. Here's for hoping Nintendo continues on their road to recovery and becomes consistently profitable once again.

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May 07

May 07

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May 07

Nintendo are teaming up with Universal Parks & Resorts to Create the World's First-Ever Theme Park Attractions Based on Nintendo's Beloved Games and Characters.
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May 05
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May 04

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May 01
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