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Dec 09

There have been some rumor's going around the past couple of days that certain Amiibo figures, although only being on the market for a couple of weeks, had already been discontinued. I first learned of the news from temper Soulx, who shared with me this tweet from a local gaming shop.


At first I was skeptical, until coming across a recent article from gamespot getting official confirmation of the cancellation.

Prices for the 3 Amiibo's listed above have already skyrocketed, from the initial $12.99 MSRP, to as high as $60-70 online on Ebay and

If you plan on purchasing Amiibo's, but are curious as to which ones may disappear sooner rather than later, I actually have some strategic news for you. There are obvious reasons why certain amiibo's have sold out faster over others.

Let's take a look at the Amiibo's listed above.
Marth, a fire emblem character that has next to no merchandise associated with it other than about 2 existing figures made by Figma.

Villager, from a popular Nintendo franchise that has never had a figure release other than the Isabelle Nendoroid by goodsmile.

And Wii Fit Trainer, which has next to no existing merchandise connected to the franchise.

As you can see, franchises that typically have no recognition will typically be the first ones to fly off the shelf, whereas the heavy hitters will most likely stick around for the duration of their lifespan.

So if you plan on picking up anything from Amiibo Wave 2, which launches this Decemer 14th, and consists of Zelda, Little Mac, Captain Falcon, Luigi, Pit, and Diddy Kong, you may want to focus on grabbing a Falcon, Little Mac, and Pit, as merchandise for those specific characters is sparse.

Amiibo Wave 3 will launch in February 2015, and will be the first wave to include retail exclusive Amiibo's, which include the following:
Shulk - Gamestop Exclusive
MetaKnight - Best Buy Exclusive
Lucario - Toys R Us exclusive

Also reportedly, the Lucario Pre-order is already sold out.

All retailers for wave 3 will also include Bowser, Toon Link, Shiek, Ike, King DeeDeeDee, Sonic, and MegaMan.

So what effect does this news take on anyone here? Do the Amiibo's play any significance in your life, or are you a scalper looking to make some bank off a Nintendo fans need for collectible figures?

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Dec 09

Ralph H. Baer Passed Away by Foxi4 at 11:59 AM (573 Views / 10 Likes) 12 Comments

Ralph H. Baer.jpg

Today we have some sad news to report. Ralph H. Baer, aged 92, has passed away on December 6th at his home in Manchester, New Hampshire.

For those who may not be familiar with Ralph's work, Baer was a German-American developer, engineer and inventor, often called the "Father of Video Games". Ralph was the great mind behind the world's first commercially available video game system, the Magnavox Odyssey, and his work laid the cornerstone of gaming. He was also credited for a number of other gaming-related patents and products, including the popular game Simon.

We felt that it is only appropriate that we pay our respects to this great figure and express our deepest condolences here on GBATemp. Ralph was one of those people who made our favourite pass time and hobby a reality, it saddens us to hear of his passing. We hope that Baer's legacy continues to live on.

Should you wish to learn more about Baer and his achievements, feel free to follow this link and read up on him and his work, perhaps some of you will find it inspiring.
Dec 08
A new 3DS firmware update has been rolled out, officially addressing system stability issues on all 3DS consoles. In reality, this block the gateway's new update. It also prevents smealum's Ninjhax exploit from working, so do not update if you are interested in tweaking up your console.



Dec 06


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Dec 06

Shaping up to be quite an impressive open world Zelda game and detailed too.
Dec 06

If you missed the show you can check it out here:

New information will be in the spoilers below:

WARNING! Spoilers inside!
WARNING! Spoilers inside!

Dec 05

Dec 05

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