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Fact sheet

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Platform name PC-FX
Abbreviation PC-FX
Generation 5
Type Console
First released on Friday 23rd of December 1994
Game count 0 (0 exclusives)
Website Open
Viewed 11679 times
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Hardware revisions

  Name Release dates Specifications Graphics Storage media Other info
Initial version
Initial version
Japan: Friday 23rd of December 1994
32-Bit NEC V810 RISC running at 21.5 to 25 MHz., 15.5 MIPS
2 MB main RAM, 1 MB shared RAM (for background generators, CD-ROM DMA, motion decoder, and ADPCM), 256 KB dedicated VRAM (for HuC6270 chips), 1 MB OS ROM, 256 KB CD Buffer, 32 KB back-up RAM
Internal color format: Digitized Y'UV (not YCbCr), Maximum On-screen colors: 16,777,216 (24-bit color, 8 bits per channel), 6 background layers, 2 sprite layers, 1 motion decoder layer generated from RLE-encoded or JPEG-like data
256x240p, 341x240p, 256x480i, 341x480i
Composite and S-Video
2X CD-ROM, 300KB / Sec

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