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    ROM Hack Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Cheat Database

    There are many codes that are not being updated to the list on the first page, for example the pokeradar chain 99 code and many others. But otherwise i am really thankful for the codes. Just hope all the available codes by other users are also updated to the first page. Thank you.
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    Gaming Gateway Cheats

    Have you made any cheats for bravely default yet for citra. If yes then hope you can post it here. Thanks
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    ROM Hack Cheat Codes AMS and Sx Os, Add and Request

    Can you please PM me all the mhs2 v1.0.3 codes. i tried searching 9wii using google translate but could not find the codes.Thanks.
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    Gaming Gateway Cheats

    Can anyone please provide bravely default USA or EUR cheat codes for citra.
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    Homebrew Citra - Unofficial \ Chinese builds discussion

    Hope you can please PM me this build. Thanks
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    Gaming Gateway Cheats

    Thanks for your help but i wanted to use it in citra. Also the cheats provided in the plugin is already available, but i wanted the inf sp or sp cost 0 if possible.
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    Gaming Gateway Cheats

    Can anyone please provide cheats for stella glow(U) especially infinite sp or sp cost 0
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