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    Leaked images show possible Amazon gamepad

    Wow can everybody chill the fuck out with the hate? THIS IS A PROTOTYPE. Yeah maybe it looks similar to other controllers, big deal, ALL CONTROLLERS KIND OF LOOK PRETTY SIMILAR. Okay I work at Amazon but like honestly why is everybody so mad at the controller design
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    Hacking 3DS Hacking Ideas: Post Your Ideas Here!

    Isn't that sort of a big deal though? Save editing is what lead to things like the Twilight hack, no?
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    Hacking 3DS Hacking Ideas: Post Your Ideas Here!

    Does the Datel Powersave have any implications? It has the ability to rewrite saves even on games with NAND saving.
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    Hacking Flash card teams still around?

    Acekard is still updating their firmware and trying to find a 3DS exploit
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    Hacking Is there a way to hack a game savefile ?

    Well, to answer your question, yes you can edit the amount of money in a game just won't be read by the 3DS :P
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    Hacking DSBricker and 4.0.0-7U update

    So is the crash that occurs when 3DS mode tries to read corrupted DS mode settings useful at all?
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    Hacking So still no hack?

    Seems legit.
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    Gaming Kid Icarus has invincible rolling just like monster hunter

    Also akin to KH. Don't worry about this breaking gameplay or something- I played it a Comic Con last year and it's actually pretty difficult to pull off a roll.
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    Hacking CiTRUS development

    Okay hold on a second- how does this solve the problem of the fact that we can't sign anything to make it run? He make a .CXI is that significant at all? We still have to sign it, don't we? And we don't have a way to sign anything, right? What am I missing?
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    Final Fantasy 13-2 - Thoughts?

    Only problem is that it's WAY too easy. It actually gets easier as the game goes on too
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    Hardware Has anyone had any luck getting Nintendo to replace thier 3DS?

    In case anyone's wondering, I just got off the phone with them and they're going to fix it for free.
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    Hacking R4i-SaveDongle Updates & Info

    I'm aware that we can decrypt type 1 games, but I haven't heard any accounts of re-encrypting them and having them run after re-encryption. So that still hasn't happened?
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    Hacking R4i-SaveDongle Updates & Info

    [/font] Waitwat. We can actually modify saves now???
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    Hacking R4i Save Dongle

    Finally got mine today! Also in a manilla bubble mailer from Canada (I'm in California). Review tomorrow after I try it out.
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    Hacking New Xbox, no idea where to start, a few questions

    I don't, I have a 4GB slim
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