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    Hacking Failed to apply 'emuMMC'

    How do i dump firmware and update emuNand and emuMCC
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    Homebrew Question checkpoint 3.7.4

    If someone could help me out please. i backed up my Breath of the wild save to use in a editor, My question is in checkpoint folder with my save file i have folders 0 through 5. Does it matter which save file i use to edit my breath of the wild save. Thanks
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    Hacking Zelda BOTW inventory editor?

    Does this work for the switch version save file
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    Hacking Unpatched switch getting started

    I have another question. Should i go ahead and update my switch firmware from 9.2 to the current before i install and run custom firmware.
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    Hacking Unpatched switch getting started

    Hi everyone im new to switch homebrew scene. I have a unpatched switch with firmware version on 9.2 and was looking for some help on how to get started putting custom firmware on it
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