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    Hacking Where to buy AK2i? ships fast and they have them in stock.
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    Hacking Rominator v2008

    Hey Hank, Thanks for the great program!! I updated to 2008.13 and now my R4 doesn't show up in the game list. I tried re-adding it and it still doesn't show up. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Hacking Just bought a 3-in-1 for my R4

    So where's the best place to order a 3 in 1 from? I have an R4 and have been playing the crap out of NDS games but it's about time I ordered a 3 in 1 to play my GBA games on the go.
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    Gaming Anyone actively playing Animal Crossing right now?

    I just started playing again also. My friend code is 1375-6117-6687 Name: Chris Town: Austin
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    Gaming Mario Party DS And Final Fantasy XII

    Just got them both this morning. Will give you my opinion in a bit.
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    Hacking Soon, it will be mine!

    Ordered my R4 from DealExtreme on the 9th and received it today. I'm in Phoenix, AZ. I don't think that's slow shipping at all, expecially for free.
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    Hacking Simply/R4DS Element

    I have the Titanium on my Black DS Lite and it looks amazing. Thanks for the good work.
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    Hacking R4 Commander V2.0

    Hey TrolleyDave, When I try to download the application and emulation packs from your blog, I get a 404 error. Are they no longer available?
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    Hacking R4 Commander V2.0

    Sorry, duplicate post.
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    Hacking Whats the Enquiry Reference Number?

    You ordered yours on the 7th and still nothing?? I ordered mine on the 9th and it left Hong Kong for the United States today according to tracking.
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