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    1-bit mode (out of solutions)

    the points are not in the same order on the rear of the board as they are on the front; the top point on the rear is the one connected to the bottom point on the front.
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    1-bit mode (out of solutions)

    the sd card breakout points are documented in this thread: assuming there are no other faulty pins, it should be reparable by running a thin wire (preferably enameled/magnet wire) from one of the pads on the rear of the board to the corresponding pin on the...
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    Help needed! Missing components.

    I checked a board I had out on the desk, and they are all the exact same component - 100k 0201 resistors. these should be suitable:
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    Switch OLED teardown V1/V2

    ah! I hadn't considered a pcb thin enough to slot under the emmc. that should greatly help with alignment :) wasn't expecting to see such a fully-formed solution so quickly as well; very good job :bow:
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    Switch OLED teardown V1/V2

    I was originally quite skeptical of the possibility of a solution similar to the corona postfix adapter due to the clearance, depth, and pitch of the emmc's BGA, but I was in fact able to snake a tinned magnet wire under the chip and get continuity to the dat0 test point on a switch lite board...
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    Nintendo switch OLED alt point for modchip install

    very informative video.. this should clearly illustrate the scope of difficulty and required expertise for this procedure. I had a feeling that nintendo intentionally obfuscated or did not include a test point for dat0 as a sort of physical safeguard against these installs, since they did not...
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    Nintendo switch OLED alt point for modchip install

    here is the clearance you have to work with on the switch's emmc, with a hobby knife blade for comparison. even a strip of printer paper is a friction fit.. good luck
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    Switch OLED teardown V1/V2

    same here; I was initially waiting for the installation pictures but after researching to pass the time it quickly flipped around to wanting to find the install points myself. even with the existing pictures, I will probably have a go at mapping it out on my own once I am able to get a console
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    Switch OLED teardown V1/V2

    I got my hot air gun and my tiny soldering supplies.. bring it on
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    Misc SonarPen DIY

    searching "sonarpen fsr" turned up what appears to be a complete build log of the finished product by its designer
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    Homebrew PS4 version 7.55 gets Mira custom firmware and jailbreak update

    got a junk ps4 for $25, fixed it, updated it because it was on 7.51, and then two days later this exploit was announced.. at least it was cheap :mellow:
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    Hardware Nintendo Switch - SD CARD Alternative Points

    the purple point goes to this pad under the SoC: what revision of board are you working from? on the HAC-CPU-10 and HAC-CPU-21 I checked, the rear points are as follows:
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    Hardware nintendo switch motherboard, replace component help

    resistor: 2.2kOhm 50mW 0201 capacitor: 0.1uF 10V 0201 there is also a very helpful thread with a lot of information on component identification/repair:
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    Hardware Nintendo switch joycons and fan problem

    do the joy-cons charge if you remove the fan? I had one unit where the fan had malfunctioned and was shorting the 5V rail that the joy-con use to charge. removing the fan allowed them to charge again, and there were no further issues after replacing the broken fan.
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    Tutorial Internal modchip - SAMD21 (Trinket M0, Gemma M0, ItsyBitsy M0 Express) Guide, Files & Support

    SDI goes to pin 1 and CKI goes to pin 2 (so directly across from the D+ and D- pins), with VCC going to 3V and GND to ground naturally lol. to easily determine the orientation, look at the longer pads in between that are not listed on this diagram; the longer pad that has continuity to the...
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