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    Emulation Pokemon Trading

    visula boy advance ftw
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    Gaming call of duty 5 for wii?

    too sensitive
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    Gaming Is this PSP hackable?

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    Gaming Asus G50vt any good?

    I'm looking for a good gaming laptop.
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    Hacking w00t, another r4i''gold''

    thats nice
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    Hacking PKMN Platinum to PBR solved yet?

    get the realame
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    Hacking Cheat Editor

    llook in download section
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    Hacking Friend's R4 is not detected.

    maybe contacst are broken or dust.
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    Hacking w00t, another "SUPER"r4i

    thats cool
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    Hacking Need help with internet on r4ds

    expansion pack
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    Hacking Help me! R4i do not cheat!

    cause its fake
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