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    Misc Playing an eng patched game on 3ds? (Talk to me like I'm not smart)

    Digimon is an xdelta patch on the cia, so you would have to use cfw to install it on the 3ds. If you would prefer to have to put the cart in and have it translated, you could patch the cia then (not sure on term) extract the romfs and exefs from the cia and put them in luma's layeredfs folders...
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    Hardware 3ds capture board software

    it looks like the bottom screen sync is incorrect. There are options for the bottom screen for 3d and 2d, so make sure that you try changing both. After I'm done with work I'll post the values that I have and you can try them to see if that helps. There may be a possibility that the installation...
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    ROM Hack GYTB Error (3ds)

    Only thing I can add to this is that maybe the tutorial was referring to the number of badges that could be stored in the 3ds. Each png is broken up into 64x64 sections that each are a badge, so you may need to remove more
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    Hardware N3DS LL Region Change Question

    If you follow the region changing guide on the hack site, then it probably won't let you, as you need eshop access to do an official transfer. I don't think you will be able to transfer your NNID to another region under any circumstance.
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