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    Hacking Don't know what card to buy

    Or you could look for a NDS Lite. Got mine for 25€
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    Hacking RetroGameFan Updates/Releases

    Hello @retrogamefan Thank you very much for this awesome piece of software I'd like to report a bug though. My ndsl is freezing while scrolling through the games list. I'm using the 2019 r4i gold pro by r4isdhc . Com The firmware I'm using is 7.06 R4i-SDHC YSMenu installed as primary kernel...
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    Hacking What are your DS flashcards?

    Hi, i'm new here and to NDS flashing and customisation. I bought a dirty cheap red NDS Lite mainly for my children but I'm having more fun myself :rofl:. Especially since I ordered the 2019 R4 gold pro by r4isdhc dot com My last Nintendo was an OG green phat Gameboy And yes I'd love to test...
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