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    Gaming fake ags-101? gba sp

    Well, the AGS-101 was never available in red, so it's at best re-shelled, which would explain the misaligned screen and light bleed around the power light. But given the pale screen when turned off, the washed out color with the screen on, and the fact that there's only one brightness level...
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    Can I put roms onto my gba sp 001

    Yes! These devices are known as flashcarts or flashcards. There are three GBA flashcarts on the market worth considering: EZ-Flash Reform. The EZ-Flash Reform is least feature-rich of the three flashcarts on this list, but it's still compatible with almost all GBA games (as are the other...
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    'Pay with cash upon delivery' -

    Wow, I've never actually seen a retailer allow CoD before. Only ones that explicitly state they won't do it. But yeah, Cash on Delivery/Collect on Delivery is a real service some postal carriers and private couriers offer.
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    Gaming Pokemon Lets GO Pikachu/Eevee 3ds too?
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    Gameboy Micro parts

    I don't think there's anything out there. Between the metal construction and the Micro's relatively poor sales, it's tough to justify replacement parts financially. You can find replacement screens, oddly enough, since it's a commodity part used on other devices, but that's about it.
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    Hacking R4 Issues (I'm fairly new)

    Use FAT, Default allocation size. Also, move the files from the "English" folder to the root of the SD card. Edit: It looks like you're using the original R4 menu. That stopped being updated in 2008; you should probably be using WoodR4 instead for compatibility with later DS games. You can...
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    Gaming Does this look like an Authentic Pokemon Ruby?

    The pictured cartridge is almost certainly real, but that's one of hundreds of cartridges sold on that particular listing.
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    First serious attempt at art

    This was done with a mouse, right? If so, I'm genuinely impressed; a mouse is hard to work with for art, and like the TheTechGenius said, most people's first efforts are noticeably worse than that. Anyway, you might have an easier time achieving clean/not wobbly lines with a higher resolution...
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    Hacking Movies and Music on SuperCard SD

    Is filmplay.gba the right file?
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    Gaming USUM Pokemon In Vanilla SM?

    Which new Pokemon? Do you mean the new forms for Shaymin, Rotom, and Giratina? Those reverted back to the old versions (which already existed in DP) when you traded them, and you couldn't trade a Pokemon holding a Griseous Orb to DP because... the item didn't exist in the DP's programming...
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    Gaming USUM Pokemon In Vanilla SM?

    To elaborate, the new Pokemon in USUM don't exist within Sun and Moon's programming. Let's say you want to put Poipole in your game, for example. The game will be told "this slot in the PC contains Pokemon #803, with these moves, this many experience points, this many Effort Value points...
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    Hacking EZ Flash IV 2.0 Kernel Release - No more patching

    I can help with that. Insert the SD card you use for your EZFlash into your computer. Run Command Prompt as an Administrator (On Windows 10, search cmd using Cortana, right click Command Prompt, and choose Run as Administrator.) Navigate to the root of the SD card. (If your SD card is assigned...
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    Hardware SD to GBA adapter

    (The term you're looking for is flashcard or flashcart.) Do not get a Supercard. It was designed first and foremost as a DS flashcart, and that came at the expense of proper compatibility with GBA games. They'll (usually) run, but they'll run poorly. (For DS games, it's also completely...
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    Hardware Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls, battery issue

    That's an exceptionally small image. It's almost impossible to tell what I'm looking at. But yes, that is a counterfeit. A 2004 GBA game wouldn't have used a battery-dependent save, and no genuine GBA cartridges have those black blobs on the circuit board. Still, that battery should be...
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    Hacking EZ-FLASH Reform announced

    It does mean shorter battery life (assuming the rest of the components aren't more efficient than before), but this battery will fit in a DS Lite Slot 2 case and is more easily replaced than the EZFlash IV's soldered in battery.
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