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    Hacking fresh vita running 3.55 what can i do with it

    fresh ps vita from store currently running 3.55 FW , my question can i use it desktop control to my pc? ( cant access site psn mobile discontinued ) can i play online without updating FW? ( i cant connect to online lobby needs to update ) and i need suggestion regarding install tvn or ARK or...
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    Hacking 3.55 TN-V11 Install Guide (No PS3 or Previous Hack Necessary) PS-TV or VITA

    tnv / ark still gona works if i update to 3.57?
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    Hacking Playstation Vita Hacking News/Overview/FAQ

    i just bought new psvita and it is in latest FW 3.55 and i need to buy the 10$ game for exploit , is there any free game that has exploit on it so i can instal ARK for free? or other way
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    Hacking PS Vita Ark-2 FW 3.55

    what exploit game did you use? they should also release exploit for free games so we dont need to buy the game
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    Hacking Been out of the Vita scene for a while. What's new that I can do?

    android game should port to vita
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    Gaming PS Vita 2016 Game Releases

    nice new game for vita , but they should lower the prices :) ,
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    Gaming PS VITA/ TV Japanese and other exclusives

    try toukiden also wait for attack on titan this 2016 ,
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    Gaming Question or 2 about the Vita

    is there custom bubble init ? ark , tnv?
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