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    Hacking Nintendont

    Thanks, I will hope that you can find a combination to patch, it would be rewarding to be able to play it at 60 hz and without deflicker.
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    Hacking Nintendont

    Well I already knew that but I decided to play PAL game because it's multilingual and I was interested playing it in my language. Anyway I can deal with it and I'll continue to play like this.
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    Hacking Nintendont

    I'm playing The Hobbit PAL and when forcing PAL60 the game gets stuck on a black screen. I found a cheatcode to be able to force it at 60 hz and it worked (I don't understand why it doesn't work from video mode settings). However, the defliciker doesn't deactivate and makes it look worse than at...
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    Hacking Enabling 480p for SM64 USA VC on non NTSC Wii

    I think the latest mod version of USB Loader GX is already capable of forcing any video mode on VC and WiiWare games regardless of region.
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    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Wiiware games get English fan-translation patch

    When are you supposed to publish the tools to be able to translate it into other languages? It has been a year and a half ... We have a group where we would like to be able to translate it into our language (Spanish).
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    GCN Tales of Symphonia Undub

    And for those who play in translated versions such as Spanish, German, Italian... isn't it possible to create a multi-language undub patch?
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    Hacking Possible to Disable the Wii's (De)Flicker Filter?

    There's a little trick to getting 240p on VC. You have to go to the electronic manual (wii home menu) and connect the nunchuk to the wii mote. Press A+1+Z at the same time and you'll hear a high-pitched ringer and now you'll have 240p resolution in VC. I think VC 64 doesn't work but in SNES...
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    Translation Line Attack Heroes English translation for Wii

    For PAL users there is a somewhat complex method to be able to play properly without relying on USB Loader GX and the NTSC video mode required to be able to start it properly. With Custom Nand Loader you can modify the main.dol of...
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    I cannot run a game, going to wii menu.

    Well, my Wii is PAL and I've never had issues forcing the video mode from backups of another region, obviously having a multi-standar TV.
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    I cannot run a game, going to wii menu.

    Go to the game's custom settings and in video mode put it on "force NTSC" or "force NTSC 480p" if your Wii is connected by components.
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    Hacking USB Loader GX

    Pikmin 2 has an option that makes the image look sharper, would it be something similar to the deflicker filter?
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    Homebrew GBARunner2

    I have the latest build and it got corrupted anyway. I already patched with GBATA and now saves correctly without corrupting it.
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    Homebrew GBARunner2

    Avatar the lost airbender damaged my SD card when saving (I already repaired it). That game need to patch SRAM with GBATA?
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