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    Hacking iTouch Multiboot

    I've just updated it. Sorry I don't check this thread very often.
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    Hardware What's the cheapest gaming PC you can get?

    I would wait for Ryzen 3 for cheaper quad cores.
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    Hacking iTouch Multiboot

    Yes, thanks that worked. Actually I did both.
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    Hacking RetroGameFan Updates/Releases

    @retrogamefan , can I use this on my topic (link) so that people with iTouch cards have an easier time installing this kernel? Of course I will credit you for the kernel.
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    Hacking iTouch Multiboot

    Oh, sorry I didn't know, then how should I do? I can't see his profile how can I send him a PM?
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    Hacking iTouch Multiboot

    I just found my old iTouch card and decided to update his kernel to the last version of the YSMenu and in the meantime I thought that I should also update this topic.
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    Hacking iTouch Multiboot

    Topic updated with: M3 Sakura 1.12+1 | iTouch 3.9a | M3 YSMenu v7.04 (DAT Update v7.04 6599)
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    Hacking Alternative firmwares for M3

    Hi, i just wanted to say that i love what you're doing for the M3 community, since the M3 team stopped updating their software you provided us the updates needed to move on. And the real reason that i'm here is to (self-promote my topic :P) say that in my topic i've updated the dual and triple...
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    Hacking iTouch Multiboot

    Topic Updated!!!!!:!: It now contains WoodYS in the dual and triple loader.
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    Hacking Request to the M3 Team!

    It would be great if they released the source code in order to unlock it to the iTouch
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    Hacking GBA linkage in iTouch Ds

    How do i put it working? I have a m3 real expansion pack and it works without gba exploader, but i don't know how to do gba link. Edit: I've dicoverd how to do it. Go to the gba rom that you want and press y, then go to the nds rom that you want and load it normaly.
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    Hacking iTouch Multiboot

    Topic updated with Quad Boot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hacking Simplepluseasy

    Go to my topic i have the itouch firmware updated!
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    Hacking Firmware multiboot for iTouch?

    Go to here This multiboot has got the new firmware of itouch and the firmware of R4i rts! Has got the M3 kaura but dosn't load any games.
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    Hacking iTouch Multiboot

    Topic updated with R4i RTS!!! Itouch 2.8!! And M3 Kaura!!! KuNG-Fu-LeMoN the means that is new. Quick-zeno to boot touchpod directly change the defaulx name to defaultn and the touchpod will run first. To run sakura hold a or b to load.(You can do the same to defaulty. Change-it to...
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