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    uc browser 7.6

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    xvi 32

    On the surface a very simple (portable) hex editor. It does however feature a very powerful scripting engine and is coded well enough to rank among the best editors.
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    HexCmp 2.34

    to compare e.g. clean roms and patch roms
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    Plants vs Zombie PC Cheat 1.0

    put user1.dat and game1_60.dat on you plants vs zombie userdata folder you can change the number 1 on what user are you. e.g. your are user3.dat change it game3_60.dat
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    Java Games for Nokia 6680 1.0

    I have downloaded this by using FBT on my phone before for free
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    Asm To Ard 1.01

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    PHProxy + CGI PROXY sa PC Fast DL, Browsing [GLOBE] [UPDATED] JAN 09 2011! * Jheff ― Made popular 24 days ago Windows Useful Information ― Parang may nabasa nako ganto dito dati hindi ko sure ha.. kattry ko lang sa opera10 gumana din sa firefox.. No need to register, wala...
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