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    Hacking Catherine: Full Body [JP] [English mod patcher v0.80]

    Would anyone please know how to install the DLC? Specifically, I have the 5 DLC folders with names like DLCCATHERINEV000. Where do I put them on the Catherine subdirectory on the vita?
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    ROM Hack [WIP] 3DS Fan Translation Projects List and Discussion

    How's the translation for Ace Attorney : Great Detective Sherlock Holems part 2 going?
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    Hacking [Suggestion] PS4 Bundles & Firmware List

    Thanks! How would I be able to know from the website, though?
  4. testing123

    Hacking [Suggestion] PS4 Bundles & Firmware List

    I'm thinking of buying a ps4 from Amazon or WalMart, obviously for hacking purposes. Both of them are pushing the slim :
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    Hacking FFXED: Final Fantasy X Save Editor

    It worked! Thanks so much, you saved the day. On a different note, one thing that's odd is that the save editor does not offer the option for the "psychic" job...very odd. Guess the HD version job came out after that the editor.
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    Hacking PS Vita Hacking FAQ and Information

    I'm trying to edit an FFX-2 savegame. It keeps on saying it's corrupted when I try to upload it back to the vita. \ The problem is the final step repairing the checksum. I don't have a good program for doing that. Would anyone have any suggestions please?
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    Hacking The "My SD2Vita/PSVSD is having issues" thread

    I've been editing FFX2 save files, but unfortunately can't repair the checksum before reloading them back on the vita. Does anyone have any suggestions on programs to use? The ones suggested here are dead.
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    Hacking [GUIDE] The Ultimate Noob PS Vita/PSTV Hacking Guide OP OUTDATED

    I just edited an FFX-2 save game...would anyone have any recommendations for a good checksum fixer? The ones linked here no longer exist:
  9. testing123

    Hacking FFXED: Final Fantasy X Save Editor

    Hey there, did you happen to have a link to any good checksum fixers? I'm trying to edit FFX2 files.
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    Comment by 'testing123' in 'I got evacuated'

    Be safe out there. Stay hydrated.
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    ROM Hack The Great Ace Attorney 2 - Episode 1+2 English Patch Released

    Great game! Loved it and played it as fast as I could get it translated. Some odd bugs turned in when trying to open up the log...on several occasions they just don't record big blocks of convo and just have blank screens. Seems to happen randomly but possibly multiple talkers does.
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    ROM Hack May I please get help converting Doki Doki Literature club from 3dsX to .cia?

    Doki Doki Literature club was ported to various platforms here: LukeZGD did a great job. Unfortunately, I cannot get the 3dsx version to work on my 3ds. Godmode just doesn't recognize the .3dsx file. Would anyone please be able to convert the...
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    Gaming Gateway Cheats

    Are there any 3DS cheats for the GBA version of Mother 1?
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    ROM Hack What would be the best tool to edit text in a previously-translated and patched ROM?

    Ok, thanks for your reply. So I shouldn't bother with editing the patch. What would you recommend for txt editing in the .nds file?
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    ROM Hack [Release] Kuriimu - A general purpose game translation toolkit for authors of fan translations.

    Got it, thanks for that. If I were to look at this from another angle, what if a patch already existed (English)...would it be theoretically simpler to work on editing the patch instead?
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