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    Homebrew IS-NITRO-EMULATOR Firmware Patches

    Great to see the patch works for you! The project is currently on hiatus... We do hope to eventually figure out the DS slot patch. I believe the PC software uses some sequence to enable the slot... So the DS slot patch would need to emulate that sequence. Any ideas would certainly help!
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    Homebrew IS-NITRO-EMULATOR Firmware Patches

    I guess you are using the PC software? Since you mentioned the TV output pane... Have you tried just attaching the Nitro to a display to see if there's any video? (We mainly developed this patch so the video output will work without having a PC attached.) In the case you want to use it with...
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    ROM Hack Bomberman Jetters (GBA) Translation

    Hey Pablitox! I've been living under a rock so I was really surprised to find Bomberman Jetters being worked on... it's one of my favorite GBA games. I have looked at Normmatt's git repository and the variable width font is so cool. Though obviously the repository has not been updated with the...
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    Homebrew IS-NITRO-EMULATOR Firmware Patches

    IS-NITRO-EMULATOR Firmware Patches @famiac and I wanted this development system to run games and output to a monitor without the use of a PC, so we created a series of IPS patches for the firmware to enable these functions. A lot of thanks goes to @Gericom for documenting the IS-NITRO-EMULATOR...
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