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    Deck envy?

    I heard a lot of people are self-conscious to pull that thing out in public because it sticks out like a sore thumb lol. Haven't used mine in a public space yet.
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    chrono cross rd can use playstation mcr memorycard file

    Good to know. Would have loved it a few years ago when I spent 15 hours with the game via PC emulation. I'll start over for this though.
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    Lakka and Atmosphere on same

    Got to zoom in to see better but yeah, glad to see Silent Hills fog being tolerable to the point where I'll actually do a legitimate playthrough. Runs fine too. Disabling V-sync fixed audio popping in the games I tried.
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    Emulation Emulators running on Nintendo Switch..

    Well after learning that I needed 2 SD cards back in the day I didn't bother learning much more about Lakka on Switch. Which is why I wasn't sure if you could do legit dual-booting between Horizon and Lakka without having to power down and re-jig. /shrug
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    Emulation Emulators running on Nintendo Switch..

    I JUST figured it out right before reading your message lol. I changed the reboot option in the uenv you mentioned. Think I like the method you mentioned more though. Thanks! Huge game-changer for me not having to remove the grip-case I love in order to remove joy-cons.
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    Emulation Emulators running on Nintendo Switch..

    Oh nice I'll check that out. Do you know if it's possible to boot back into Atmos from Lakka without having to jig/dongle?
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    Emulation Emulators running on Nintendo Switch..

    Tried Lakka after reading these positive comments and I'm getting way more audio popping in Metal Gear Solid (Duckstation) than I ever did on Horizon (Rearmed). Boost overclocked. Kept everything on default. Not sure what the deal is. =/ Edit: N/m, runs a lot better on vulkan. Actually not even...
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    Homebrew RELEASE TinWoo Installer

    Yay, fixed my problem! :)
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    Team Xecutor domain seized by ICE

    To see if the obvious had occurred yet, and get a kick out of it
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    Team Xecutor domain seized by ICE

    This been mentioned yet? Just noticed it. Message when going to
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    Nintendo Switch Cyberpunk 2077: Portable Edition details leaked

    'Protect the title from piracy'? After a DRM-free PC version? Yeah, no...
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    Hacking Question Is it worth to stay with SX OS?

    Exactly the boat I'm in. Not anxious to switch until I'm forced to do so. I'm expecting I'll have to eventually but no harm in waiting it out.
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    Hacking SX OS Switch won't play latest Super Smash Bro Ultimate

    Worked fine for me on 10.0.4 installed with Gold Leaf. On SX as well. Like someone said, you need to use an installer that ignores FW check.
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    Hacking Team Xecuter OFFLINE websites.

    Wrong thread homie. I see which one you were going for.
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