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    Hacking How can I COMPLETELY delete any modification on my 2DS?

    I was able to restore the original "Nintendo DS Connections" (i.e. replace Japanese Flipnote) by going through the BannerBomb3 method once more from the start until I reached the step that generates "", which contains both the "clean" version and "hax" version. I put the...
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    Hacking How can I COMPLETELY delete any modification on my 2DS?

    While following the guide, I was stuck at Japanese Flipnote; the display was all white without switching to b9sTool. Heck with it, I reckoned, and formatted the console and decided to start from scratch. But after formatting, I didn't have to start from scratch, because Flipnote step worked...
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    Tutorial Importing Gateway saves to cia games

    Although the instruction described the steps in detail, I wasn't able to finish it at first try, most likely because I was confused about a few crucial steps. I'll summarize what I found to help those who got stuck. For my case, I have a 3DS with Gateway (a few .3ds games in progress) and 2DS...
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    Hacking Gateway + 3DS sleep mode battery life

    Here is something I noticed. The battery goes drain noticeably faster if I leave Gateway cart in and just close the lid without turning it off completely. I'm sure completely powering off will save the battery most, but I'm just too lazy to go though the booting process. But if I leave the cart...
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