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    Hacking dstt update

    Hey there. This is what you should do; Download the latest firmware for DSTT and DSTTi from here Download the Latest Multi Cart Update is v6.72 Then download the Latest DAT Update : v6.72 5930 and transfer the extinfo, infolib...
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    Hacking RetroGameFan Updates/Releases

    Thanks for the update and fixes RGF. How do you do it? How do you balance your gaming life with this I wonder...
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    Hacking RetroGameFan Updates/Releases

    Thank you so much RGF! Also thank you for the fixes for Naruto Shippuden Shinobi Rumble (U)!
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Black and White English Translation

    There will be v8 soon enough. Maybe Christmas day they'll release it as a gift. Any-who, just wait patiently, you should be glad that they translated a lot. I sure am
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    Hacking Slight lag/delay on some games.

    Get the latest version of the firmware which is RGF's files v6.43
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    Hacking 2 games not working on v6.43

    Try reformatting your microsd card with panasonic reformatter?
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    Hacking Help With Golden Sun

    Try using panasonic reformatter and put this firmware if your using DSTT use the DSTT one. And that's all I could do to help..
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    ROM Hack Sonic Colors DS on R4 III clone, The save data could not be...

    Try this :
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    Hacking Help With Golden Sun

    Do you have the lastest ttpatch.dat or TTMenu.dat? Try reformatting
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    Hacking RetroGameFan Updates/Releases

    I'm not sure where to report games that don't work but that are on the list, so I'll do it here. 5397 - Phineas and Ferb Ride Again (E) loads, but you can't create a savefile, it keeps deleting it each time you turn it off. And also you can't collect screws. Hope you'll see into this!
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    Hacking RetroGameFan Updates/Releases

    Thanks RetroGameFan you helped make not decide to buy another card! Your updates are amazing. Thanks! Cheers!
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    Hacking DSTT infolibs

    No it hasn't yet check this topic once and awhile and you'll know. And please, just be patient, he's only one person, don't expect him ASAP. It needs to be tested and make sure it works right. You wouldn't want a buggy firmware now would you?
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    ROM Hack NEW Super Mario World (Hack)

    Hey can I be a beta tester too? This hack seems really fun I have DSTT and I'm on GBATemp and MSN a lot.
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    ROM Hack Golden Sun DS for Hyper R4i

    Get the latest firmware for Hyper R4i, I got it for you, just download it from here R4YSauto 0.0.2 is used to build YSMenu, to build YSMenu, there's many guides around the forum so look for them. After your done building, replace the infolib, extinfo, savlib...
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