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    Gaming Snes JRPGs Hidden Gems (fan translated) to play with s9xTYL

    Wow,Tengai Makou Zero runs really on PSP.How is the performanceWas able to play this on my Vita with the new updated PSNES for the first time.
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    Hacking Translation True Urban Legends - Shin Hayarigami

    No begging here but with this awesome work you're doing would it be possible to make also a PSVita/PS3 Version in the future?
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    ScummVM is compatible with an immense range of titles

    Yes,I have and its awesome.The controller combination on Vita Sticks/Buttons/Touchscreen make these mousedependent games excellent playable.Nearly all games runs great so you can play games never released on consoles like Lands of Lore,Might and Magic 4 and 5,Eye of the Beholder 2 even these...
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    Hacking pSNES: a snes9x port for the Ps Vita

    Just want to say thanks @cpasjuste for the Psnes update.Now Tengai Makyou Zero is finally playable on Vita.Was never be able to run that in Retroarch. Its so great you took some time and came back to PS Vita.
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    [RELEASE] Shockolate (System Shock) PS Vita port

    Excellent,thank you Northfear
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    Hacking Homebrew game Space Cadet Pinball for vita!

    Is anyone able to play it with soundtrack?
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    Hacking [Release] FHeroes2-vita (Free implementation of Heroes of Might and Magic II engine)

    Thank you.Went back to 0.93 and my savestates reappeared.But what you mean by
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    Hacking [Release] FHeroes2-vita (Free implementation of Heroes of Might and Magic II engine)

    Hi Northfear I updated to vers 0.96 and all my saves won't recognize anymore.Are you aware of this? Is there a solution? If not could you release the vers 0.93 on Github since mine is overwritten.Many thanks ;-)
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    Hacking emulation

    You are fine with the cores in Retroarch for SNES.I prefer SNES 9x 2005 but with some games 9x2002 works better.Unfortunatly,some of the newest fantranslations like Song of an Angel are unplayable. Retroarch is also my first choice when it comes to all the other 8/16Bit consoles and...
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    Hacking NEED HELP with a Previous Hacked Vita

    Try this.I had the same problem.If you will be asked to login or create a account do it from your don't have access to the shop but at least you can link your account. On your PS Vita, open [Settings] -> [Network] ->[Wi-Fi Settings] Go to your current network connection and select...
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    Hacking Sega CD not running on retroarch

    Yes.Put the Bios in the system folder.Picodrive and Genesis GX Plus are both fine,it is possible the Genesis GX works only with specific bios.
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    Rumor Sony allegedly plans to shut down PS3, Vita and PSP online stores definitively later this year

    Really I always thought you could at least still download your purchases on Wiichannel?
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