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    Hacking 11.0.1 firmware and still no SXOS update

    this might help:
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    Homebrew RELEASE melonDS for Switch — continuation

    Thanks for that, pressing and holding down R button while open any game worked for me!
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    Homebrew RELEASE melonDS for Switch — continuation

    Same thing here, FW 11.0.1 on Atmosphere 0.17.1 From my side, that's how I access hbmenu
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    Homebrew RELEASE melonDS for Switch — continuation

    What Fw are you on? Bc on 11.0.1 crashes all the time
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    Hacking Sx Core and Sx Lite , test Units Received

    Have you got any photo of your Switch mainboard around??
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    Hardware 1tb sandisk sd card fat32 issue?

    That's indeed odd bc FAT32 is less prone to data corruption that exfat (specially on the Switch) could it be a case of potential hardware based issue?
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    Hardware Is replacing Switch Battery Possible?

    ugg, that looks ugly indeed not worth it imo
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    Gaming Worst games on switch?

    Mario Galaxy imo it's not a bad port (from the technical point of view)
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    Hacking Can someone create a thread about trusted SX OS modchip installers by region

    It's obviously that they can't stop manufacturing process in China so they doing what they can outside China in order to stop distribution and installations ....
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    Hacking Sx Core and Sx Lite , test Units Received

    Well, I would say that depends in how skilled you are, if you have the right tools and knowledge
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    Homebrew Question Goldleaf 0.9-dev Artifact

    And I assume that stills works with apps like NS-usbloader?
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    Hacking SX OS 3.0.5 boot hangs?

    Yeah, sure thing I'm pretty sure that they are aware and (eventually) in a short time future they will release another version that fix these current issues, after all, those SXOS versions are still in BETA
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    Your favorite soft drink?

    Drink it with moderation ....
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    Why did you decide to join GBATEMP?

    Congrats man!
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