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    All Wii Arcade Emulators

    I put together this grid for both review and for documentation here, as I feel it will help answer some common questions. Please if you see any corrections let me know. Emulator MAME Rom Set Ver. MAME Relase Name Emulator Loc Games Played Notes GXGeo Unknown N/A Wii Brew Neo Geo Use FBA –...
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    Dx2 cios installer error code -6

    Awesome thanks, I really need to spend some significant time in MODMII this is the second time I have thought I understood what was available and I was wrong. I will do that before I post anything else related.
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    Dx2 cios installer error code -6

    Just some extra notes to add to this thread. XFlax, I downloaded the d2x Custom IOS Installer from both wiiguide and and both did a size comparison on the file and tested both in a Wii and I got the same results as Hitotari. I only care for 2 reasons, because obviously ModMii gives...
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    Hacking WiiFlow Lite

    Ugh One more sorry, when I update WiiFlow what is the easiest way to do that? 1) Do I need to delete the save channel in Emu NAND 2) Are there any folders in the WiiFlow folder that have to be replaced consistently?
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    Hacking WiiFlow Lite

    So, just to sum up. since I am working on DLC. DLC is stored like a hidden channel typically (though I think it might be able to be a save also). So, I should be able to: NAND Emulation = Partial (This would would let the Just Dance Wii Game access the Emu NAND's DLC it is holding, since it is...
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    Hacking WiiFlow Lite

    This one might be for Fledge68 (As always thank you for all your work for us). If in reading this, there is a manual or prior post or you just want to push me to read the code for myself you can do that. For newbies that are reading this post "NAND" is the Wii in system memory which is small...
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    Hacking Best Way to Mod Any Wii: ModMii for Windows: Official Support Thread

    Hi XFlax, Thanks for your awesome tool and your support for the community. I have a dumb question, that you have probably already answered somewhere. Why do you use d2x8 instead of d2x10?
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    Misc RiiConnect24 Patcher v1.2.2

    Has anyone successfully installed Beatles Rock Band DLC with riipatcher? I also installed Rock Band 2 and 3 DLC without issue, but when I got to Beatles Rock Band I tried two different copies of the wad and both are giving me this error from the log: "[Error Code: -9] Installation failed for...
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    Misc RiiConnect24 Patcher v1.2.2

    For anyone reading through this later, I was successfully able to install the just dance 2014 and 2015 dlc into the emunand (neek). Which lets you have immediate access to all songs and not run out of space in the NAND. Here were my steps: 1) Use normal riiptacher24 process to install the DLC...
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    Gaming Do You Know Of A Wii & WiiWare DLC List?

    Just because they were not mentioned specifically: Just Dance 2,3,4,2014,2015, Rock Band 2, 3 Beatles Rock Band, DJ Hero, Guitar Hero 5, Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock, Band Hero and maybe Green Day Rock Band and Lego Rock band... I came to this post to try and figure that...
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    Misc RiiConnect24 Patcher v1.2.2

    I definitely did that as well and it works. As did using riiconnect24 patcher. The only real thing I am trying to figure out now is with Just Dance 2014 and Just Dance 2015, the DLC is not playable unless you go into the in game "archive" section and move the specific song into Wii Memory...
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    Misc RiiConnect24 Patcher v1.2.2

    HI I am a big fan of the RiiConnect 24 patcher and Dark Horse if you ever read this thank you for the wad2bin. Recently I have been trying to get Just Dance DLC for 2014 to work on my wii. For the life of me, I cannot get the songs to show up and I feel like I have tried everything. Here are...
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    Just Dance 2018 and 2019 too big for FAT32 drive for WiiFlow and USB Loader GX

    I am trying to get Just Dance 2018 and 2019 on my hard drive for USB Loader GX or WiiFlow. Both games are above 4GB, which the FAT32 file system has a 4GB limit. Has anyone figured out a way around this or are those two games just unplayable on these backup loaders and can only be played when...
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    Hacking CUSTOM - Singstar (Any Version) & Disney Sing It (Any Version)

    I would love to find any of these, I have only been able to find a couple and they are the older fewer song "singitstar" ones, not the massive good ones made by psykos called "starSing". It seems like custom made wii games are never picked up by the usual sites. If anyone knows a source for the...
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    Hacking Customs on Disney Sing It Party Hits

    That is pretty awesome, let me know if you posted anywhere. I would love to try and play what you did. I am Wii karaoke crazy right now and trying to find all the old custom made ones, but they are hard to find.
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