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    Ask the person below you a question

    FWIW, RTFM, YMMV What from your past are you holding onto that is holding you back in return?
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    Ask the person below you a question

    Yes- pineapple with Canadian bacon on pizza. What is something you truly believe in but won't admit for fear of what others might think of you?
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    Back in my day we didn't have X but did have Y. Gaming edition.

    Back in my day, when you bought a game, you OWNED that game. If you wanted to loan it to a friend, you handed it to them, and it worked on their console. If you wanted to sell/trade it, no one could tell you no, and the game became the sole property of the individual who had it in their...
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    Back in my day we didn't have X but did have Y. Gaming edition.

    Back in my day, it took years to discover all the tricks/secrets in a game- and most of the time you couldn't find all of them. Nowadays, you can go online and read all about them before you even get your first play. Even today I'm coming across info about games I played in my youth, things I...
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    Facebook Details Libra: A New Flavor of Cryptocurrency

    Here's how it will likely end up:
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    How'd you like if Nintendo/PlayStation/Xbox became gaming stream services?

    Depends on the price...I always thought Nintendo could really boost sales/interest by providing their entire games catalog as an on-demand type service. Users could pick a plan based on how many games per week/month, with an option to buy as well. Of course, there's the question of allowing...
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    ModchipsCentral or 'How I Learned to Start Worrying and Hate the DSTWO+"

    :angry: Forget the processor- YOU can still provide the refund. This is a huge opportunity for ModchipCentral to show the type of support and service they provide for their customers. Which will either encourage or discourage others to do business with them. OP, please keep us updated on what...
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    Cinematic Video Games Degrading Gameplay

    I don't care for all the cinematic stuff, either. A little here and there to build and transition the story, but if there is more cutscene than game, it's now an interactive movie. There were some NES/SNES games that you couldn't skip/speed thru the cutscenes, almost made the game torturous...
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    Homebrew Why are hackers so against piracy?

    What about those that just want a challenge to overcome- a way to test their skills, to prove their abilities? Or others, who want to push the envelope in anyway they can? This mindset is really beneficial, because of all else that results from it. So many incredible discoveries and...
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    How much gaming is too much at once?

    When I was in high school, my friends and I used to have SF2 (SNES) tourneys on the weekends. We'd start at 6 or 7 Friday night, and play well into mid morning. Winner would play on, I can recall once playing for 6 hours straight. And I can't count all the times I was up all night playing...
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    What did you Accomplish in Gaming Today?

    Congrats- Shovel Knight is absolutely one of the best games out there- has tremendous replayability in my book. Love the retro style, and everything they did with the game was great. I'll probably never get all the feats like you have, but I'll still play it just because it's fun.
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    Gaming Are Laptops going to die out?

    Could not agree's all about what you want to do. There is no single device to replace all devices perfectly. What you gain in portability/size you will give up in power/capability, or else you will pay considerably more- and even then you still won't be on par. IMHO, I see...
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    Hardware What's After the 3DS?

    I think the concept of the hybrid handheld/home console is a huge opportunity. And as much interest as there is in retro gaming, Nintendo should really look at providing universal game service in that console. Imagine being able to play the entire catalog of Nintendo games (even arcade) on a...
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    uTorrent (may) Silent Install Crypto Currency Miner

    Split from utorrent a couple of years back. It was like an ill-fated romantic relationship. At first, everything was perfect- it was new and exciting and I enjoyed every minute of it. But just when I got comfortable and thought everything was perfect, all sorts of strange stuff started...
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    Hacking I just bought a R4i RTS 3DS card and I have a black screen issue?

    Awesome! Sometimes you just gotta be persistent, and try something different. Enjoy!
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