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    Homebrew Add many more screen layout options in DS virtual console games

    Stupid question: Would having either both screens possible on the gamepad and the TV possible? (For example: Have Top screen in both gamepad and tv screen or Bottom screen on both as well)
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    What game series do you want to come back?

    A new Mario vs. DK game but with the classic DK 94 game play style. A DK 94 remake with a HD or new art style would be dope plus with a new DK Jr. Side quest mode... (But Nintendo probably would sell it full price so never mind that.) Maybe a new one with the modern game play? Just with a new...
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    Homebrew Citra - Unofficial \ Chinese builds discussion

    I would also like to know! Lol
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    Homebrew Citra - Unofficial \ Chinese builds discussion

    Same here, i would like to have that build as well.
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    Misc MK DS Freezes when connecting using wiimmfi DNS

    So it's impossible to connect and see other levels in MvDK, right ? :c
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