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    Homebrew RELEASE Moonlight-Switch - Nvidia Game Stream client

    Hi there! Does anyone experienced the crash on games menu? After I connected to the PC, the screen went black then crash >"< I've tried to restart the console but it didn't work after all :( I'm using latest asmosphere :(
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    ROM Hack RELEASE Final Fantasy VIII Remastered - no texture filtering mod

    Hi, is there any hope for FF9 crt shader?
  3. Nickky9x

    Homebrew RELEASE melonDS for Switch — continuation

    Hi there! Is there any option to connect Harvest Moon DS version with the GBA rom on this emulation?
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    Homebrew WIP ReverseNX - Flag your console as handheld or docked

    Guys, can I have a noob question? Is this homebrew work on SX OS? I've tried but I couldn't see the difference in Xenoblade Chronicle DE :(
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    ROM Hack RELEASE Xenoblade: Definitive Edition config files

    Sorry, but i find out there were some problem with the shadow render in 1.6 ver. It's make things look dusty in some cutscene, invisble shadow and might be it relate to some problem with collectables blue dot (only show up in short distance) :( Hope u will have some fix on to it :D Anyway...
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    Homebrew Discussion [HBG/SHOP] The new FreeShop for the Nintendo Switch [Discussion Thread]

    Hi there! I'm using SX 2.9.5 beta. I' ve copied the latest HBG Shop (inclue asmostphere and switch folder) to my SDcard but the OS didn't boost as normal. It's only black screen after the Nitendo logo :( Everything only back to normal when I deleted tinfoil folder in switch folder. g Please help...
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    ROM Hack RELEASE Final Fantasy IX - Crunched Moguri Mod Field Backgrounds

    It's SXOS\titles\01007EF00B094000\romfs\Data\StreamingAssets My Skyrim mods still work flawless when I put it on SXOS\titles\.... And I already checked my FF9 version title key, it's the same as ur mod. Edit: After restart my switch, it worked, thank you so much :D
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    ROM Hack RELEASE Final Fantasy IX - Crunched Moguri Mod Field Backgrounds

    I have tried the mod. But somehow I couldn't work on my SX OS >"< I've tried to capture the screenshots with mod and non mod. Both were look like the same @[email protected]
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    ROM Hack RELEASE Final Fantasy IX - Crunched Moguri Mod Field Backgrounds

    Omg, I was tried to port Moguri mod but nothing come to and end. All i could do is extract the texturea but it was so difference to the PC textures. So I gave up on it for a long long time and waiting for a savior like u . Thanks so much for the great works :x
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    ROM Hack RELEASE Final Fantasy X/X-2 Undub

    Is it possible to be used on SXOS? Btw, thanks for great work :D
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    ROM Hack RELEASE Final Fantasy IX - Pt-Br Translation

    Dead link, please reup :( Many thanks :)
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    Tutorial [TUTORIAL] [Noob-Friendly] NAND Dumping 2DS/3DS/3DS XL/N3DS/N3DS XL!

    Hi there, I just did the hardest part of the hardmod. Every seem to be alright. It had the blue screen while i plugged the fakeSD cable. I could backup (read) the NAND.BIN also. But it had a error while I was trying to write the modded NAND.BIN with a pop up window "An error occured when...
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