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    ROM Hack Pokemon Soulsilver game cart and Pokewalker

    Hello, So, I was wondering that if I already own a Japanese version Pokemon Soulsilver game cart (not an R4 or anything like that), is there a way to apply an English patch to the actual game rather than having to find a rom to use with an R4 or other flash carts? The reason being is that I...
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    Hacking Homebrew PS Vita and save data

    Hello, So my Vita has HENkaku and I use PKGJ 0.55 to download Vita games/DLC. I was really just wondering where game save data goes in this case. I also have one PS Vita card inserted with an account, and was wanting to know if it's safe to switch sd cards because I have different...
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    Hacking It's been awhile since using my Wi U. Best way to play Paper Mario: TTYD

    Hello everyone, Quite awhile ago, I had installed Homebrew on my Wii U with Haxchi. I haven't played it in awhile, but am thinking of starting up TTYD. I'm not using my Tv, just the gamepad to feel like the game has been ported to Switch, lol. Can the gamepad itself turn on/off the Wii U...
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    Hacking Paper Mario: TTYD portable

    Hi there, So I was wanting to know the options that I have to play TTYD somewhat portably. I own the original game disc, have a backup file of my game, a Wii and a Wii U. On my Wii, I can run the game disc and use an actual GC memory card. And I know the method, Nintendon't, on the Wii U to...
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    Gaming Owning two Switches

    So I own both the original Switch and a Switch Lite and was wondering if there was anything I needed to do before I start to use my new Lite. I have read that you would need to make your Lite the primary Switch etc. from tutorials, but that seems to be just for digital copies of games...
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    Hacking Pkgj, maidumps, and game carts

    My PS Vita is currently on 3.60 firmware with Henkaku (molecular shell). I just installed Pkgj, and it works great. But, I needed to clarify a few things. Before I installed Pkgj, I was using maidumps. I was wondering now that if I need the maidump installer anymore and if it would be alright...
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    ROM Hack Dragon Quest IX DLC

    I'm trying to figure out how to get the additional quests and any other DLC that was available in Dragon Quest 9. I currently have the US version retail cart, and a New 3DS with Luma CFW. I was hoping there was a way to do this without a DS save dongle. I thought that maybe I could backup my...
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    Hacking Gecko OS and Wii remote

    I'm using Gecko OS on vWii to play a couple of my Japanese Wii game discs. I have an older Wii remote, which works fine on the Gecko OS menu, and one of the games, and a motion plus remote as well, which I think worked on the Gecko menu. The problem I have is with one of my games. The Wii remote...
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    Homebrew Ourloader

    I hope this is the right section to ask this. If not, my mistake. Anyway, I have Haxchi installed on my US Wii U, and would like to play a Japanese Wii game disc. (Not on usb etc.) Can Ourloader allow this? I heard that Ourloader is more simple than regionhax for a region free Wii U, but is...
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    Hacking Updating Luma

    So I'm about to update my version of Luma, and in order to do that, I'm going to have to move to b9s from a9hl with this guide: My question is, will my game saves from my cias etc. And anything else be affected? Where are the cia saves kept anyway? I have already...
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    Persona 4 Golden vs. P5 dilemma

    Hello, So I recently purchased and played the first few minutes of Persona 5, and have also played some of P4G previously as well. I know I may have not played enough of each to get a good idea on which one to continue with first, so for those of you who have played both longer than I have...
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    Hacking Update and streetpass

    Alright, I see. I also just saw that the homebrew files, cias etc. will also need to be updated to work. Is this true? If so, I may wait until later so I can upgrade with more time on my hands to prevent any mistakes. Anyway, will streetpass work if I don't upgrade/sign in to my NNID right now?
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    Hacking Update and streetpass

    I apologize if these questions have been answered before, but I am in need of an urgent answer on the count of I am going out of town tomorrow, and plan on doing a lot of street-passing, lol. My Japanese New 3DS is currently on firmware 11.2.0-35, using Luma 6.6 cfw. It shows I am on Sysnand...
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    Hacking eShop and freeshop software

    Could it be something wrong with wifi or the settings in Luma etc.?
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    Hacking eShop and freeshop software

    I just tried a couple of others, Denpa Ningen RPG Free, and Megami Meguri. With Denpa Ningen, I downloaded from the eShop, but the present box did not show when I exitted to the homescreen. So, I looked at Denpa Ningen in the freeshop, and there is no download option. Perhaps because I already...
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