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    OLED HWFLY fail to reboot to CFW

    I’ve seen this chart. When the reboot fails I get the solid cyan color (FPGA error) so I’m not sure what it means. I have also updated to the latest version of the firmware and still getting the same issue. I don’t think it’s a problem with the soldering since the chip works 100% of the time on...
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    OLED HWFLY fail to reboot to CFW

    Hoping someone can shed some light on a minor problem I'm facing with my HWFLY on my switch OLED - when rebooting within atmosphere around 90% of the time the HWFLY lights up Cyan on reboot and boots to OFW. I tried setting up reboot to payload in atmosphere config as well as explicitly...
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    Homebrew RELEASE melonDS for Switch — continuation

    any word on zip support? trying To save as much space as I can on my sd card. My library of DS roms takes up less than 1/3rd the space when archived with the last renderer update this emulator has potential to be my go to way for playing DS games with a few more QoL enhancements. Wouldn’t mind...
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    Gamecard unable to be read

    as of ams 1.0: Please Note: BCT.ini no longer exists, nogc configuration has been moved to /atmosphere/config/stratosphere.ini. If you rely on custom nogc configuration, please be sure to update accordingly.
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    Gaming AM2R 1.5.2 port for Nintendo Switch. (fixes)

    is it possible to transfer my save from the 1.5.2 version to this fixed one? I got stuck at the robot boss because of the crash but I dont want to start all over again on this build
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    Homebrew RELEASE melonDS for Switch — continuation

    if this is implemented that would be amazing. zipped roms usually take up a fraction of the space so this would save a lot of space on my sd card. great work on release 6 btw!
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    Homebrew Discussion a possible new hack for new switch

    my dad works for nintendo. of course.
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    Homebrew Discussion a possible new hack for new switch

    nah the headphone jack is the real way. you can send a specific electrical pulse at the right time to gain kernel access during boot.
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    Homebrew RELEASE melonDS for Switch — continuation

    any chance the next version can include the ability to play DS games directly from zip archives. melonDS just added support for this feature
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    Software melonDS emulator v0.9.2 out, adds support for 16:9 hacks and loading archived files

    DS roms are notorious for having huge filesizes relative to the actual content if they are not compressed or trimmed. Many 256MB games only take ~40-50MB zipped for example. Playing games directly from zip archives is a great convenience cause you can save lots of disk space.
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    Gaming Best games in (Portrait/TATE) vertical?

    the first reply does not disappoint
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    Gaming Maybe it is just me but do you get bored with CFW?

    Theres two sides to this coin. The tools used in the game development industry have gotten so good and making games has gotten much easier compared to 15-20 years ago. Obviously triple A games still command exorbanant prices (whether or not the cost is justified is a separate discussion), but...
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    Hardware Switch Brick after RetroArch

    what's probably happening is you have autoRCM enabled and you now are trying to coldboot your switch, you need an RCM jig like this one: RCM Jig, RCM Clip Short Connector for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con RCM Tool for NS Recovery Mode (Black): Electronics Normally you do not need it if...
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    Homebrew Question Why use Daybreak to update firmware?

    Thanks for confirming, I will carry on using the official update method then :gba:
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