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    ROM Hack Pokemon Legends Arceus Cheat Database

    I notice the 60fps cheat in menus but not in game, is that just me? And the tesla overlay counter just says 254 for fps. Not sure how that's fixed. I updated everything...
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Legends Arceus Cheat Database

    Very fast! You guys rock! I think the hardest, yet most needed, code to do will be the merit points which are only earned online. Edit: I guess you can do miniquests to get these, nevermind
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming to PC as an Epic exclusive

    My first thought as well. Hopefully we can transfer saves from ps4.
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    ROM Hack Grand Theft Auto III – The Definitive Edition - Graphics / Options Mod

    Not sure about the Switch version, but the PEASOUP code puts fog back in the pc version
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    Valve has delayed the release of the Steam Deck

    Check your ship date. Everyone got pushed backed with no exceptions.
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    Pokemon Brilliant Diamond leaked online ten days prior to release

    Leaked from a factory worker or someone who got it early from a retailer probably. On another note: The chibi art style of the game is atrocious. Chibi anything makes it look cheap af. That new Harvest Moon game was the same way. Looks like a terrible mobile game.
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    fail0verflow team discover PS5 root keys (symmetric) including per-console root key

    Also the huge lack of exclusives for Xbox. And Microsoft said that all games coming to Xbox must come to Windows. So there is almost no interest in hacking Xbox.
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    [Graphic_Mod] Dying Light

    "The Switch version of Dying Light's modding capabilities are bad. At least I did not find any obvious ways to sew a different config after a cursory examination of the dump."
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    ROM Hack N64 Online - Mod Discussion

    For real. Let's just see how somethign like Goldeneye runs on this emulator. If that's any better, it would make it the only reason to use this.
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    ROM Hack Dying Light PC to Switch Save Transfer - Super Easy!

    So I've just gotten Dying Light and I can confirm that PC saves transfer fine! Just: 1. Open the game and play until you can walk around the building (it autosaves and creates a save file). 2. Close the game 3. Open Checkpoint (or whatever you use to manage saves) 4. Backup the save for...
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    Live-action 'System Shock' series announced

    Just release the remake first!
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