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    Homebrew RELEASE TriPlayer - A feature-rich audio player for Nintendo Switch

    Great work! .wav support would be awesome though. Mix and mash of my library.
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    PS1/2 PS2 fat quiet fan mod w/ noctua fan

    Picked one up! Thanks for bringing this back.
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    GCN Looking to possibly rejuvenate an old GC of mine...

    Mode isn't compatible with the gamecube.
  4. LiveMChief

    Homebrew RELEASE Linkalho - Link your nintendo account offline

    I've tested it on my lite in emunand, works fine.
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    ROM Hack RELEASE Deadly Premonition 2 - Graphic mod

    Oh yeah! Thank you for this!
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    Hacking Sx Core and Sx Lite , test Units Received

    Glad you stayed :) I actually need my switch repaired, got a bad install with a trinket from someone and a non working left joycon rail. Would you be able to help with this?
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    Homebrew RELEASE Linkalho - Link your nintendo account offline

    First off, thank you for the tool :) Would you be able to add the ability to select the accounts you want to un/link individually instead of all of them at once?
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    Hacking Some games no longer run Atmosphere 14.2

    May have been outdated sig patches or a sys module?
  9. LiveMChief

    Hacking RELEASE Sigpatches for Atmosphere (fusee-primary only!)

    Working good! Thank you for keeping this thread updated OP :)
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    Homebrew Question Goldleaf 0.9-dev Artifact

    I believe what your looking for is on Xors discord. He released a working build there a few days ago, haven't tested personally.
  11. LiveMChief

    Homebrew Question Tinfoil HBG Ending:Replacement?

    Damn, wish things were still like that, thank you for the detailed insight!
  12. LiveMChief

    Homebrew Question Tinfoil HBG Ending:Replacement?

    Pardon me for the ignorance but what is notcdn?
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