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    Noob help needed...

    hi, first check the format of your sd card ,the one that came with the switch , if it's fat32/ or exfat , then format the new SD card to the same , copy over all contents , the dongle/ jig thing use after hard power off only , enjoy
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    Switch firmware update 13.2.0 available, Atmosphere 1.2.5 released

    im sure you can inject fusee bin , and it will boot straight into the switch , skipping the need for hekate , but im so used to booting through hekate , ima wait it out loll
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    Feedback Need some advice

    yep i kinda agree with you on the battery life part, but joycon drift loll iv been through 3 pairs already , that cant be helped heehee , now i just use my hori split pad pros mainly
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    Switch firmware update 13.2.0 available, Atmosphere 1.2.5 released

    yep , gonna have wait for it updated too , im waiting myself
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    Feedback Need some advice

    i guess your thinking about getting a modchip installed? and u want the newer versions ? else version 1 of the switch is perfectly fine
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    Feedback Need some advice

    no i mean just a get a used v1 , check serial number of the switch to see if its unpatched , and your good to go ,, if your planning to get a oled version , your gona have to get a mod chip installed for that , tricky , and theres not much difference apart from , cost of installation and...
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    Feedback Need some advice

    happy days
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    Feedback Need some advice

    no loll , v1 is easiest to homebrew (no need for modchip ) , just get a unpatched switch , transfer over cfw files , and off you go
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    Problem starting games on old firmware at atmosphere

    hi , just update to latest firmware using daybreak , make sure you check fat/exfat type of sd card format your using , depending on your booting method if using hekate or fusee bin , make sure your your using the correct sigpatches so the games work, time to leave sxos ,out of date now
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    Hacking Upgrading MircoSD on a hacked switch?

    just transfer everything over to your new sd card , make sure you check if the old sd card is fat32/exfat , that way u can format the new sd card the same
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    How to play PS3 ISO on a BDless PS3?

    you already installed noBD cfw, iso should work normally , i also use no bd cfw , my drive broke long ago , just use webman to boot iso games off external hard drive , or transfer over extracted games into ps3 hard drive
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    Misc Is exFAT still problematic?

    no not a problem , for me anyway , always been on exfat 256gb , just make sure your memory card is legit
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    Old atmosphere to new

    yep so happy for you , in future , just follow the same steps ,loll, hopefully nintendo dont send out another update any time soon hehehee
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    Old atmosphere to new

    hi, just download latest atmosphere , hekate , fusee bin , sigpatches to your pc , then extract them , copy to your sd card, put the FUSEE BIN in your bootloader/payload folder , then tegrarcm into switch using fusee bin thru pc or hekate payload (for this you have to select fusee bin once...
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